The Films Emerging from Tribeca

Rottentomoatoes just posted a 10 movies to watch article for the Tribeca Film Festival. Some of it looks like shit, some of it looks alright, and a couple look amazing. I’m going to key in on two films in particular.

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2011)

Director: Panos Cosmatos

Writer: Panos Cosmatos

What It’s About?

A woman in a color drenched, trippy sci-fi 1983 alternate universe tries to escape a labyrinth. First time director tests the waters, combining the aesthetic sensibilities of the psychedelic quasi-experimental film championed by the likes of Gasper Noé with the quiet desperation of Kubrick’s 2001, or whatever the non-film snob mainstream version of 2001 would be. Check the trailer below.

The Troll Hunter (2011)

Director: André Øvreda

Writer: André Øvreda

What’s it about: 

Mockumentary/Narrative hybrid with cult film written all over it. A couple of college kids go out to some isolated region in Norway to confront a notorious bear hunter, only stumble upon a secret government conspiracy cover up of the existence of trolls. Beautiful CGI  chase scenes ensue. Check the trailer below.


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